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REDE -Resilience and Ethics in Dance Education

Resilience and Ethics in Dance Education (REDE) aims to produce and distribute knowledge and applied research to the field of dance to support the development of high quality and sustainable dance education. In the resource base you will find updated and evidence-based knowledge and links to external relevant resources.


In the resources section, you can search and view the results of the REDE scoping review within the two main categories «Teaching and Learning» and «Mental health». The resources are presented in articles which, albeit presented by themselves, must be seen in connection to each other.

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Got any questions? Check the FAQ section or get in touch with us!

  • The project Resilience and Ethics in Dance Education – short REDE- is founded and financed by the dance department of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. We hope that we, with the help of our research partners, can contribute to existing evidence based research within dance. The REDE team is based at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway and is represented by Heidi M. Haraldsen and Michelle S. Dwarika.

    Additionally, we have differen partners who are collaborating with us on different, REDE related research projects

  • The REDE portal is an open web based resource. That means that you are free to use this website and its information. All we ask is that you refer to the presented research, articles and our work in an appropriate, ethical and academically appropriate way.

  • If you have any questions, give feedback,  want to network or collaborate, please don’t hesitate to contact: